Cougar Convention
"Never Ever Give Up"

Who Is The Cougar Women of 2017

     Take me for example,  I am a  Cougar Women of 2017, I am 53 years old and my husband is 35 years old, putting a 17 year difference in age between us. I have friends who I went to High School with that have children older than my husband, I have a son who passed who would have been 32 a few days ago, just 3 years younger than my husband. I am living proof that the Cougar Women of 2017 is strong and young at heart to this day, constantly reinventing ourselves. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not into plastic surgery or even botox I simply embrace who I am and the stability I bring to our relationship. We lean on each other and where I am weak he is strong, myself being level headed were he is not so much.

     My young husband keeps me on my toes, he keeps me always wanting to be the best version of myself. Instead of being the frumpy old women I could be I strive to look the best I can, to keep up on the trends without dressing to young for my age. I am after all a women over 50, but that does not make me an old women by any means. 

     The Cougar Women of 2017 is NOT Mrs. Robinson running around looking for young men to seduce. She is a women who knows who she is, she is strong and confident; she likes to play, and she doesn't feel limited by what society thinks she should be. My own mother taught me at a very early age to be true to myself, even when others think I am out of my mind. They sometimes gossip behind my back or point fingers at me, because they themselves do not have the courage to be cougar-ish and fierce. 

     As a Cougar Women it takes much more strength to be ones own self without the pressure of our peers judging us. When we were young we could look in the mirror and see many more years ahead of us to make our mark in the world. Now, we do not have those years so we must take hold now and make our world what we want it to be. If we can look in the mirror and are happy with what we see then to heck with the haters. Because, believe me, there are haters at all ages.

     Its life events like death of a loved one or a divorce which are transforming and empowering women to recreate their lives on their own terms. There is no feeling of permanence and there is no longer the feeling of waiting for gratification because the future isn't set in concrete. Life is simply too short not to enjoy every moment - every single day.

     The reality of my own life is that I have let go of the feeling of pushing myself to do things I do not want to do anymore. The feeling of not being good enough is gone now.

     Most people who meet me ask my what my secret is, because I have a glow about me and people of all ages are drawn to me. I simply tell them that I am at the age where I have learned what is really important and what isn't. 

     If I could tell a young women anything I would tell her to always be true to herself, relationships and jobs will come and go, the wrinkles will come, but she will have to live with herself for the rest of her life. Start building that foundation now, and never let anyone make you believe you can't do it can.

    Last but not least remember to Smile Smile Smile, it will make people wonder what you've been up to, and they will smile back at you. 

Virginia Jones